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My Moonpig Moments ~ A Virtual Event

Moonpig Moments

My birthday fell right at the beginning of lockdown, which was pretty naff. There was very little post, everyone was staying at home (properly) and the mood was just a little bit flat.

During 2020 it’s been more important than ever to show the ones you love that you’re thinking of them, even if you can’t see them in person. I’ve never been a ‘card sender’ unless it was a special occasion, but I’ve sent a few during lockdown, just because I wanted to let them know they’re on my mind and important to me.

Moonpig Moments

Last week I was invited to a virtual blogging event with Moonpig to learn more about their range of Birthday cards, flowers and presents, and to find out about their new app and all it’s tricks!

I actually can’t remember the last event I went to, so this was something to put in the (completely unnecessary and total waste of money) diary to look forward to.

In the week leading up to the event, there were lots of knocks on the door with Moonpig parcels, a gorgeous candle, a happy birthday balloon, the most beautiful bunch of flowers and a huge parcel of cocktail making ingredients! It was a good post week!

I kicked the boys out (they went on a bike ride) and H and I set up the dining table with all the booze, mixers, fruit, gadgets and flowers and settled in for a couple of hours of fun.

We started with a quick masterclass on how the Moonpig App works. It’s so easy, available on iOS and Android (with a few differences but they’re trying to make Android the same) – it even has AI technology which enables you to write your own message, or drawing, on a piece of paper and upload it to the card, I was a little dubious of this, thinking it would look exactly like it sounds, but it changes the colour of the paper to suit the card and literally just ‘lifts’ the text from the paper, genius!

Nottinghill Roses

After the tech side of things we moved onto my favourite part of the evening, flower arranging! I have always been obsessed with flowers and pictured myself running a florist with a coffee shop attached on many occasion, so to have a proper lesson was right up my street!

Luxury Summer Garden

Roxanne, Moonpigs official flower lady took us through the steps, separating the flowers into their types and getting them prepared. The Luxury Summer Garden bouquet was already stunning when it was delivered so I wondered how I’d improve on that (unlikely!) but I was quite impressed with how the end result turned out. I definitely need a bigger vase though! Also, top tip, if you like how they look when they arrive, trim the bottoms (diagonally of course) snip off one of the elastic bands, put them in the vase then take off the last band. They’ll look professional without even lifting a finger.

Moonpig have a gorgeous range of flowers including some that can literally be posted through the door. They’ve also just launched some pollen free lilies too which are amazing if you love lilies but have a pet, or you just don’t like the orange stains that appear everywhere! Another great part of the app is the fact that you can add gifts to the flowers, as well as your cards! Birthdays sorted!

After flower arranging came the reason my teenager had stuck around, the cocktail making with James from Mix & Twist.

Moonpig Moments

We learnt how to make a perfectly balanced cocktail, it’s not just a case of throw it all together and hope for the best, and, weirdly, the amount of alcohol you use does affect the results of the cocktail, so those little measuring cups are a good purchase!

Moonpig Moments

We made three cocktails, they were all pretty damn good, but for me, the winner was the Summer Garden, it was a variation on my favourite cocktail, Mojito!

Summer Garden:

45ml Vodka (we used Konik’s Tail), 25ml Lime juice, 25ml Sugar Syrup, Mint leaves, Cucumber slices and 25ml Elderflower soda.

Strawberry Fizz:

45ml Vodka, 25ml Lemon juice, 25ml Sugar Syrup, Soda Water, Strawberries & ice.

Passionfruit Martini:

45ml Vodka, 20ml Lemon, 25ml Passionfruit Syrup, 60ml Pineapple Juice.

Moonpig Moments
Moonpig Moments

There was a competition to make the best Passionfruit Martini, the one with the best head won, apparently there was meant to be a lot of foam on top of the drink, from all the shaking we did, but something went wrong my end, there wasn’t a bubble to be found, still tasted pretty good though!

The whole evening was brilliant, so well organised, fun and full of chatting and laughing, which, after an extended lockdown due to a pandemic, is kind of needed!

Massive thanks to Moonpig for hosting the event.

To celebrate their new app they’ve given us 30% off a card & gift when you buy them together. Valid until the 26th August – just enter APP30ORDER at checkout!


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