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Windows to the World – Natural Light at Home

Windows to the World - Natural Light at Home

When we moved into our new house, the thing that struck me the most, and made me the happiest, was the level of light in every single room.

We’d gone from living in a house that only had bifold doors at the back of the entire downstairs open plan living space, so it was constantly dark, as well as facing away from the sun, to a house that had huge windows, a garden full of sunlight all day and a living room that we could watch the sunset from.

The change in the light level didn’t just mean my plants were happier, so was I!

We’ve been here almost two years now, and each time the living room glows with orange light in the evening, or the kitchen is full of morning sun beams, it makes me feel instantly happy. I don’t think anyone can ever underestimate the power of sunlight, especially living in the UK.

We have kept the windows bare, aside from blinds for the evenings (horror movies and pitch black outsides have scarred me for life) because I don’t want anything blocking that natural light!

In our future plan, we’re thinking of getting replacement windows in the months to come, as some of the double glazing has lost it’s ‘glaze’ and there are little patches of condensation building up inside the panels, which isn’t a huge problem, but annoying when you just want a clear view of the outside!

Luckily we don’t have to replace every single window as there are a lot! But the odd one or two around the house, which will make a huge difference to how they look. Smeary windows are bad enough, but when you can’t clean them at all, it’s even worse.

Windows to the World - Natural Light at Home

It’s always the little jobs that finish a room off, and while the cost of replacing windows isn’t exactly ‘little’, in the grand scheme of things that could need doing to a house, it’s not the biggest issue that we could have (hello broken boiler and not heating or hot water on Christmas Day!).

They do say that home is where the heart is, and before moving to this house, I always preferred being out, it was such a dark, cold and unwelcoming space – one long, narrow room for the entire downstairs, no windows in the kitchen, and the garden was never in the sun so we couldn’t escape to there for warmth, even if it had been big enough (postage stamp and swing a cat) but now, every room makes me happy.

I want to stay at home, it’s perfect for socialising but it’s also perfect for closing the door on the world and watching a box set from the comfort of the sofa.

Even our bedroom has the perfect spot to see the moon. In fact, where I sleep the full moon shines directly on me all night long! The dining room is just dark enough to be cosy, but bright enough to house our office space. The bathroom has the biggest bath we’ve ever had and the hallway bounces light around from the stained glass window in the door like we’re living in a kaleidoscope.

And that’s perfect.


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