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New Shooooooooes!

Yup, 3 in a row!

Monday was also a special day for Mr Man. He got his first pair of baby shoes from Clarks!!

With Little Miss we missed crawling shoes completely as her feet were too big for them! She had to go straight to walkers even though she was crawling, so this time I was determined to get the crawlers at any cost!

Bluewater Clarks had the shoes we liked, but not in his size. Like his Bister, he also has big feet! 2.5 H to be exact, and apparently baby shoes don’t really come in that size! So, John Lewis and Russell & Bromley kids drew a blank too, we legged it under the bridge to Lakeside. (Feels like I’m cheating on Bluewater, not good!) We did check first of course, and yes, they had his shoes in his size! It’s like baby cinderella!!!

We got there, and Mr Man decided it was a good time for a nap, so mean mummy had to wake him up to try the shoes on and get the picture card to keep! And I think you’ll agree he looks gorgeous in them!!


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