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Pabobo Nightlight

I love night lights, always have and even though Little Man is 2, he still likes to have his “light on” when he gets into bed, so I was really excited to try out a new night light from a fab French company, Pabobo especially as its so gorgeous.

The light we got was the Barbapapa Carousel called the ‘silent lullaby’ and that’s exactly what it is. The gorgeous images inside the lamp slowly start to spin with the heat of the bulb (it never gets too hot) and creates images and lights on the wall and ceiling.
You can either have it mounted on the wall, with the mount that comes with it, or freestanding, both ways give off magical, soothing lights that will send your little one off to sleep in no time! (Can’t argue with that really!)

The products are available from Harrods & JoJo Maman Bebe and the Barbapapa Carousel costs £47.

I was sent the lamp to review, the opinions in the review are all my own!


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