The Perfect Bedroom // Send Me To My Room!

The Perfect Bedroom To Escape To

I’ve written about the comforting power of hygge a lot here on Life Daily, but, it’s been focused on the living space mostly, because that’s where we tend to spend the majority of our time. That’s not to say that the bedroom is less important. Because it’s most definitely not! 

Especially when you’re a parent. The amount of times I’ve sent my little darlings to their bedroom, when in fact, I’d rather leave them downstairs and send myself off to my own room is countless. 

I’ve always loved having my own space, when I lived with my parents, my room was my kingdom. It was a place I could decorate in my colours (purple, if you’re interested, like the naughty twin from Sweet Valley High) with all of my stuff, everywhere. I loved it! I spent hours and hours in my room. Reading, chatting on the phone, moving stuff around, sleeping. 

I have not changed at all

Now, though, my room gets bulldozed by an 8 year old, ransacked by a 15 year old, and I share it with a big old 41 year old, so, there are limits to my personal space. 


If I had my way, our bedroom would be a place of complete and utter relaxation. I would like to say it would be technology free, but it wouldn’t, because, there’s nothing better than climbing into bed to watch a film, or a box set at the end of the day. I would however, like a slightly smaller TV (hello living with a bloke) and for it to be hidden when we’re not watching it. Because it takes up the WHOLE of my chest unit, which means I have a lot less space to store my pretty stuff.

I love my pretty stuff. 

We still currently sleep in a beige room. Shudder. I am SO not a beige person. But, as we rent and there’s a possibility of moving in 2018, I’m reluctant to paint it. If I was going, it would be dark blue, like railings from Farrow & Ball.

Sleep inducing, mind relaxing, switch off and unwind, dark blue. 

I used to be such a light addict, but since having kids and losing quality of sleep, it has to be as dark as possible! Getting the right blinds, like the ones from Roof Window is just as important as getting the right pillows, it all adds up to as much sleep and rest as possible, and that’s what we’re all after isn’t it! 

Well, that and other things that induce relaxation….!

I’m a massive candle fiend, but I never really use them in the bedroom, purely because I don’t spend enough time in there! I know of people who light their bedroom candles an hour or so before they go to bed, so the room smells amazing when they go to sleep, but I’m just not that organised. I wish I was, those people sound like they would be very chilled.

Instead, I make do (make do! It’s not a chore!) with scented baths and oils, which help to promote a decent nights sleep. I love essential oils, and there really is one for all problems, so if you find yourself struggling to unwind or switch off, google is your friend. Lavender is a good place to start, but that’s not the only oil that will help. 

To finish it all off, good quality bedding, fluffy duvets, the perfect pillow (just on the right side of fluffy and firm, I’m yet to find it outside of a hotel) soft blankets, high cotton counts and beautiful lighting. 

Oh, and no alarm clock would be great! 

bedroom of dreams at Brighton Harbour Hotel



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