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How To Make A Playroom Fit For A Tween

How To Make A Playroom Fit For A Tween

We’re all settled in our new home now, as in, we know where everything is (and it’s not all in the loft anymore) so now we’re getting round to really putting our stamp on the place. 

Nothing ground breaking, just a bit of our personality into the rooms, which everyone always comments on so I think it’s a good thing! 

We’re a good team, Tom and I. Between us we have the design and brawn covered. You can guess which is which. 

The room I want to sort out next is the conservatory. It’s where C has his ‘games room’ as his bedroom is quite small, so it’s used just for sleeping and chilling out. There is nothing electrical in there, which is no mean feat for a nine year old!  

Because the room is all windows (shocker) it’s quite hard to put your stamp on it, as, despite C’s suggestions, we can’t paint the windows to black them out. 

It’s still a bit of a work in progress as we’re not quite there yet, but it’s certainly looking good for a 9 year old gamer. It’s quite hard to make it work aesthetically and sensibly for a 9 year old, his mates and the dogs. 

1. When it comes to the floor, I’m so pleased we have laminate flooring in there – so much easier to keep clean than carpet, especially as the dogs go in and out from the garden a million times a day (as do the boys) and you can always warm it up with rugs. 

2. There’s no overhead lighting at all, so lamps and neon signs are a great way to bring light to the room when it starts to get dark. I love neon signs, I could spend a fortune on them! 

3. Storage boxes from IKEA in a variety of colours means it’s easy for him to throw things in there at the end of the day for super fast tidy up. Or not, but, the thought is there. 

4. A comfy armchair (we haven’t fallen for the gaming chair request!) big enough to snuggle into with a blanket and a cheese toastie. I’ve been told. 

5. Plants. No blinds in there (yet) mean it’s basically a cooler greenhouse, so the plants love life in there. 

6. Shelves. Good old Billy Bookcase. It means all C’s books can be displayed nicely and we can add a few framed pictures of special times, a few quotes and some knick-knacks to really make it his room. 

It’s actually quite nice that his bedroom and playroom are separate, it means he’s downstairs with us a lot more and not locked away in his room (hello teenage daughter) but also his room can be kept tidier (in theory) because nothing but sleeping and reading goes on in there. There is always a method to my madness. 

Most of the time. 

Prints / Chair / Neon Sign / Rug / Storage 

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