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Preparing Your First Dance For The Wedding

Preparing Your First Dance For The Wedding

The first dance is so special to a bride and groom. It is an expression of your love for each other. It is a statement to your guests. It sets the mood and festivities for the moment when the bridal party joins the dance floor, and then it is opened for your guests. Do not just assume everything will go well. It is as important as any other part of the ceremony.

Selecting The Music

You may have “a song” together and you might want to dance to the song. But if the first song you heard when he asked you to be his wife may not be appropriate for the wedding dance. For example, you may love the song “Burn” by Usher. But it is a break-up song. The lyrics are all about saying goodbye. That is not the message you are sending. You are at the beginning, not the end.

Your first dance music should be:

Have a strong beat that is not too slow or too fast
Not too long

Learning The Dance

This is perhaps the most important part. Do not assume that you will do fine. Dancing in a wedding gown in front of everyone in your life is a bit of a challenge. Take a dance lesson. Learn a dance that has simple steps. If you want to spin or dip, learn the proper position to be in when you do it. Those who do not take this into consideration usually end up on YouTube.

When you take a class, you learn how to lead and how to allow your partner to lead. You learn how to do your dance while gazing into your partner’s eyes. Have a look of fear or panic about a dip that is coming up is not attractive. If your partner is unsure of himself and he is concentrating on a complicated move coming up, you could gaze into a face that is watching his feet, with a concerned look, and his tongue hanging out one side of his mouth. Take a class.

Small Investment

Buying a proper dance outfit, and the right shoes makes a great difference in your dance class. Dance clothes support the body, but in your case, they also make you aware of what your body is doing and responding as you are learning to control your muscles and movement. This is something that will benefit your health if you continue to practice it, even after the wedding. You can get more info here.

Wedding and Bridesmaids Gowns On The Dance Floor

This is a serious issue. When planning what gowns the bridal party will wear, brides often forget about the reception and dancing that will follow. Everyone’s eyes should be on you. However, if your maid of honor is in a strapless gown, and while she is jumping around on the dance floor her gown slips down too far, trust me, all eyes will be on her.

If you are going to have dancing, be sure there are sleeves on the bridesmaid dresses. Gowns with sleeves are a good choice for everyone, including the bride if you are going to include a DJ and dance floor.

Preparation is the best way to ensure you have the wedding reception of your dreams. It is not hard to do, and it is part of you wedding that you will never forget. So get ready and have fun.

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