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PurePotions Skin Salvation


I am a complete skincare junkie. There is literally no point denying it, I don’t care what it does, if it’s good for the skin, I want it please. 

That also includes stuff that’s good for the kids skin, my teenager generally uses anything that is in my bathroom/bedroom, she’s got this whole, ‘what’s mine is hers and what’s hers is hers’ thing going on, and apart from a little breakout of acne on her forehead (too much hair touching and not enough make up brush washing going on) she has good skin. 

My (not so) little bubba (I so nearly typed bugger then, that would be more appropriate at the moment, bless him……) has slightly sensitive skin and, like me, he gets weird dry patches for no reason whatsoever. He also has, what he calls, chicken skin, on his arms and face occasionally which he hates, so we’re all for the family skincare right now. 

PurePotions kindly sent me two products to try, and as they’re 100% natural and designed for sensitive/allergy prone skin, I was hopeful they’d be good for the 8 year old. 

All Ages

PurePotions was founded when Natalie Balmond was looking for a way of managing her daughters dry and allergy prone skin, nothing was working so she formulated a balm in her kitchen which is now being sold worldwide. They’ve even been voted winner of the Natural Health International Best Eczema Range 2017. 

Skin Salvation is an intensive ointment, kind of swinging between the medical/skincare sectors, without it containing anything chemical. You know, it’s the kind of thing that you would reach for if you got sunburnt, or had a graze that wasn’t healing fast enough, it’s not quite medicinal, but it is. 

You know what I mean. 

Bath and Body

Hot baths and showers seriously dries out the skin. And, as much as I love Lush and all the other bath goodies, for their scents and explosions, sometimes you need a bath that’s just oil and water to help form a barrier. Where you can then load up on moisturisers and creams. The bath and body emollient oil is sooooo good. I’ve been pouring it into the bath (careful to avoid slippage) and using it as a massage oil on the bloke (and the kids when they realise what they’re missing out on) It smells like a really expensive massage oil. Amazing description there Kate, top marks. 

It can even be used on the face if you’re really suffering, and again, it’s 100% natural, so it’s safe for babies as well. You only need to use a small amount to really feel it in the bath, no need to pour half a bottle in, like I do with the baby oil (in the bath of course).

PurePotions have a whole range of products available, including pjs for kids, made from bamboo, which is said to be as soft as cashmere but lets skin breathe. All the products are available online and you can follow them on Instagram here

**PR Samples but all words my own! 



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  1. May 4, 2017 / 8:04 am

    Wow these sound good. We are a family of eczema sufferers. So I am always looking for the new thing to try as I will not put medical products on the kids skin.
    I shall have to give these a try.

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