What I wish I could tell my redhead teenage self


I spent most of my ‘childhood’ years absolutely HATING my red hair. I hated the way it made me stand out, how I was the only ginger in the village, and I hated how it meant I was Casper pale all year round. 

During my late teenage years I kept up the (pure bleach – as it’s the only thing that works on my hair) highlights, making me a blonde. I wanted to cover up my natural colour and that’s the only way I could do it. I did attempt to go darker, once on purpose, once by total mistake, but that is not a good look on someone so pale and we won’t mention that again. 

Whenever I tell people I used to hate my hair, the automatic reaction is always “are you crazy?!” Now, I ask myself the same thing! All those times I spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds trying to cover up such a HUGE part of me? 

What an idiot. 

I was so wrong! Now, my hair is still trying to grow out the blonde from last years dye disasters, but slowly and surely it’s coming back. The ginger in me is desperate for the world to know I’m NOT blonde, I am in fact full on red. My red hair makes me who I am, part of a secret club and something I am SO proud of. I must admit, I’ve been toying with helping the process move a bit quicker and dyeing it back to ginger, but I know I won’t get *my* shade and I don’t want to look like a fake redhead, so I’m pulling out all my patience and sitting on my hands while I wait for it to grow! 

If I could go back and tell my younger (stupider) self a few things, these would be top of the list: 

  1. Red hair is the best colour hair to have. It’s uncommon, it’s different, beautiful and magical. 
  2. It’s fine to be the only redhead you know. Why on earth would you want to be the same as everyone else!? Same goes for the pale skin. Ok, you won’t tan but, in 30 years time you won’t be the one with wrinkly skin from too much sun damage. Also, top tip, factor 50 all the time. It’s not worth going lower. 
  3. Freckles look better uncovered. Don’t try and hide them under layers of foundation, it will never, ever work. Eyebrows might be an issue, but find yourself a good tint and use it every 6 weeks or so. Unless you want to rock the white brows//lashes look, in which case, you’re going to save yourself a fortune! 
  4. Ignore the bullies. We all know (now we’re older!) that bullies are just sad people who probably need a few more cuddles in their life. But anyone who takes the piss because your hair isn’t boring, well. Need I say more? Who the fuck wants to be boring anyway! 
  5. You will always give fellow gingers a knowing nod or smile. It’s like a secret club you’re all part of. Ditto ginger babies, you will feel the need to pass on your ginger knowledge through the power of thought. Passing the baton on so to speak. 
  6. If you have ginger babies (you won’t but others might) you will become the fiercest ginger protector ever. If anyone DARES to upset your child based on their hair colour, god help them. 
  7. Yes, the temper does come as standard. 
  8. Whatever you do, never, ever, ever try and bleach your hair. You’ll regret it eventually! 
  9. If you had a pound for every time someone says “people pay good money for your colour……” you would be a bloody rich redhead. 
  10. Redhead men. They become strangely attractive as you get older. But, yes, people will always ask if you’re related. To any other ginger in the same room as you. 

Now, if you could all send red hair growing wishes my way that would be most appreciated. 


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