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Redheads Are Human Unicorns // It’s A Ginger Thing

Redheads Are Human Unicorns // It's A Ginger Thing

I’m (almost) 37 and I’ve finally come to realise that my red hair is a major part of who I am. Which is great because I’m still growing out bleach, my roots are starting to get a little blonder (some might say whiter, I’d disagree with them) and it’s only really the underneath section that still have the full ginge that I was born with. 

So, you know, timing. 

I’ve always been lucky in that my hair grows fairly fast, 2 years ago, almost to the day, I had it all cut off in a graduated bob, where it was ear level at the back, to chin level at the front. It’s now past my bra strap, so I think that’s good. Although, Christ on a bike it’s felt like it’s taken forever. 

I have seriously amped up my hair care regime. I’ve been using trichotherapy products, intensive conditioners, my all time favourite is the Philip Kingsley Elastisizer – oh my god it’s magical. You put it on wet hair (it says damp, but I’ve found the wetter, the better, so to speak) and then leave it for as long as you like. I leave it on overnight, then wash it out. This one is a permanent repurchase! 

There have been fish oils, vitamins, lots of good fats from nuts, avocados and fish. I’ve used a few different shampoos and conditioners, it’s always hard to find the right one. My hair gets greasy quickly, so it can’t be too rich, but it’s also very dry and course, so it needs something with added oils moisturising properties. Plus, it takes forever to dry so I have to be mentally prepared for wash days. 

I could look at hair products all day long. Put me somewhere like Capital Hair & Beauty and I am good for the day. Between the shampoos and conditioners and the styling tools, it’s like an Aladdin cave for me.

I have a couple of friends who are registered with Capital and they very kindly let me use their membership when I need to stock up on stuff. You can practically hear the bloke groan when I say where I’m going. He doesn’t seem to understand just how important hair is……!

Us redheads seem to get overlooked a lot on the highstreet. Pop into Boots or Superdrug and you’ll find loads of brands that want to help brighten blondes, or boost brunettes shine. But if you’re in the ginger camp, you’re probably out of luck. Which is why I love going to specialist places that cover every single colour possible, from redhead to blue – if it’s a colour, they’ll have something for it! 

I’m still too scared to put anything coloured near my hair. The grey scarred me for life. But I want to tone down the blonde ends and just give them a little bit of a hint of ginger. Without turning them neon orange. So, I’m going to keep doing my research and picking the brains of everyone with a slight bit of hair knowledge. 

Got any advice? 

I am, of course, an advertisers dream. I know that spending £300 on a hairdryer is crazy, but do I still want a Dyson? You bloody bet I do. I know that it’s almost impossible to recreate natural red hair with colour enhancing conditioners but do I still find myself researching if it works? Erm, yup! 

So you can kind of see why my husband has to prepare himself for hair shopping. You can also see why I tend to go to Capital on my own.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep protecting my hair on the inside and the out, I’m going to make sure it avoids ANY sun this summer so I don’t go any blonder. I’ll keep whacking on the conditioners, and in the fish oils. And, I will forever keep shopping at my favourite hair place in the world. 





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