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Restyle Your Home With The Room Planner Tool From Wayfair

Planning Your New Room With Wayfair

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend a ridiculous amount of time planning exactly what each room in the house is going to look like, once you’ve decided you’re redecorating.

I spend hours, if not days, scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram & interior blogs to find ideas and inspiration, but, sometimes, they don’t work in the house. Because the shape of the room is wrong, the lighting isn’t quite right, whatever the reason, and I’ve often wanted to see how a piece of furniture would look in the room before spending hundreds of pounds on something only to realise, it doesn’t fit.

Anything to save the “I told you so…..’

Welcome the genius that is Wayfair. My favourite online shopping spot for everything home and interiors related.

They have an online room planner which gives you the option to pick from a selection of plain rooms, or, you can upload a photo of your own room, ready to whack some Wayfair goodies into and have a good old play around with style.

Planning Your New Room With Wayfair

This is perfect if you’re going for something completely different, a total room overhaul, and you have no idea if the thoughts in your head will actually work in the room, or, if you just think the room needs a little je ne said quoi.

I have obviously been on there already. I’ve used it to dress blank rooms in all kind of crazy ways. Often, in styles I wouldn’t have in my home but that’s the fun of it, you can go mad and it doesn’t really matter, once you’re done, delete it! But I’ve also used it in the way (I assume) it’s been intended, to see if a giant corner sofa would fit in our living room, and to see if we can add more to the dining room.

I’ve got to admit, it’s a dangerous tool. I could buy so much stuff from Wayfair after a few hours on there. In fact, I could probably build a brand new home from just a click of my fingers. *insert evil laugh right about now….*

I really want to add a little home office at the top of our stairs, it’s the perfect size I think, and it could be tucked away quite easily when it’s not in use, but I’ve been a bit nervous to try it because I didn’t want to end up with furniture I couldn’t actually use (I’ve been known to get overexcited or carried away with projects in the past, shocking I know) but now I feel like I could have a serious think about it and maybe, finally get the blogging space I’ve been pinning and researching for however many years!

Are there any rooms you want to change but you’re too worried to take a step into the unknown? I really recommend the Wayfair Room Planner tool, think of it as your own little George Clarke inside your computer. Try it and let me know how you get on!


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