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Let’s Get Retro Baby // Furniture Styles

Lets Get Retro Baby // Furniture Styles

Like fashion, furniture style seems to go round in cycles.

I remember finding some of the old 70’s stuff really out of date and ridiculous looking when I was a teenager, but now I find myself scrolling through websites like Lionshome or even eBay, searching for retro pieces because, not only has it got that look I love, but my tastes have changed and I’ve fallen out of love with the matchy matchy that I used to covet.

I can’t wait to see what comes around again when my kids are my age (actually, scrap that, I can wait because that would mean that I’m in my 70’s and I’m in NO rush to get there!) I still find it hilarious that my teenager is wearing Adidas trainers like I did at her age. 

On my home furniture hit list right now is a proper, retro, sideboard. I know exactly what I want it to look like, but I’m yet to find it. I’m talking full on G-Plan style.

It’s going to go under the TV which has now got it’s space (saving) place on the wall. This means I have a whole sideboard to fill with photos, candles, crystals and everything else that makes our house a home. 

And no, it’s not clutter! How very dare you! 

It needs to be a certain height, not too low, like Ikea style, but not super tall either. Kind of thigh high? Long, with a couple of drawers, some hidden shelves and great leg action. 

I’m a proud owner of a very retro desk that was passed down from my Mum, who got it from her best friend before she moved to the US. It looks incredible against the dark grey wall (Downpipe naturally) and when it’s partnered with a few neon accessories it just takes on a whole new look. When we first got our own place, way back in the 90’s (shit!) I was adamant that all wood should be white, and it should all match. 

What was I thinking! I could slap my old self, but I suppose it’s what you call an evolution of style! 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to go all out wooden in the home, turning our living room into some kind of strange sauna, but, I love the contrast between old and new and, surprisingly, there are only a few things in our house the match! We have two white dining chairs and two grey. That’s enough for me. 

On my hunt for the retro sideboard of dreams I’ve found loads that have been given a face lift, with either painted panels or made of glossy white wood but they’re not quite what I’m lusting after. 

However, you know me, I’m not a quitter, I just kept on plugging away at the challenge in front of me (cough) and I hit sideboard gold with Lionshome. In fact, I found a practical pot of gold with them! Now I need to decide which one I love the most and stick to the decision. Which is something I am not quite so good at. 

Which one do you like? Are you into the retro look or do you prefer modern furniture? 

retro furniture lionshomeretro furniture lionshome

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