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Hi, my name is Kate and I am a shopaholic. 

I don’t even try and hide this fact anymore. I love nothing more than a wander around the shops (child free if you’re offering, thanks) a few coffee pitstops, a bit of lunch and maybe even a sneaky Aperol Spritz. 

Living the life. 

But, since I am very rarely child free, online shopping has become my second best friend. It will never replace the joy of actual shopping, but it comes a close second that’s for sure. Sometimes, laying in the bath ordering some shoes is just what the doctor ordered! 

A few weeks ago online shoe shop Footway got in touch and asked if I would like to work with them. I’d never heard of them before, so I did a quick scout round of their site and found a few pairs of shoes that ticked my boxes, so I thought, why not!

Footway are a Swedish company who have been trading since 2010, with online stores in 11 European countries. They’re fast, organised and very friendly – perfect for online shopping! 

Black Loafers From Footway

I must have had my sensible head on when I was browsing the shoes because I decided to go for a pair of flat, black leather work shoes. I was about to start my new job and realised that I lived in trainers & Ugg’s which wasn’t going to go down well in the office! (But actually, trainers are pretty perfect, dammit!) 

It was nice and easy to find the shoes, clicked on ladies, clicked on my size, voila! If I had my chance to order again, I would have been straight at the Nike selection, but, like I said, sensible head was on. I bloody hate that sensible head sometimes! I chose a very gorgeous pair of loafers by Tiger of Sweden, so they’re far from boring and sensible really! 

Black Loafers From Footway

Black Loafers From Footway

Black Loafers From Footway

Delivery was so quick! They arrived within the week in a huge purple box! Tracking info is provided, so if you like to know exactly where your parcel is, as soon as you hit “buy” then you’re good. They came with DHL, direct from Sweden, and was probably twice as fast as some other companies I order with who are based in the UK….! 

The shoes look a little different to how they appeared on the website, but not in a massive way. They’re really good quality and are so comfortable! (hello sensible head again!) and actually, they’ll go with a lot of stuff I wear, not just for work. They’re leather and look like they’re made to last. I love the sole detailing – they feel as expensive as they actually are, which is always good when you’re spending money on shoes. 

It’s always a risk with ordering shoes online, I’ve ordered so many pairs from ASOS that I’ve had to return, because their 7’s are clearly nearer the size 6 category, but you just can’t tell until you try them on. You can bet the one time I order a size up, they’ll be miles too big! Anyway, the Footway returns policy, should you need to use it, is easy enough. You just print a free returns label from their website as long as it’s within the 30 days, and return them for a refund or a size swap. I would imagine though, that because they sell well known brands, that the sizes are pretty standard, if you’re a size 7 in Nike, then you know you’re a size 7. Mine are definitely true to size. 

Despite not knowing about Footway before, I will definitely be ordering from them again, I love the styles they have available and a massive range of brands from Ugg to Vans, they literally have all my favourite brands, as well as some new (to me) ones! The team are friendly, quick to answer any questions and it was an easy process from start to finish! 

This blog post is a sponsored collaboration with Footway. All views, as always, are my own.



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