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12 Pairs Of Shoes Every Man Should Have

Some people have three pairs of shoes, others have too many to count but how many shoes should a man have? There is no specific number there are definitely some types of shoes that each man should have to be ready for different situations. In this article, we are going to discuss the 12 pairs of shoes that every man should have. This will include shoes like loafers, trainers, dress boots and many more. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more about this.

1. Dress Boots
How many times have you needed to go to an event that has a slightly formal dress code, but you don’t fancy wearing a pair of brogues or oxfords? This why you need a classic pair of dress boots that work for many occasions. Take a look at Dune’s men’s boots for an amazing selection of dress boots.

2. Loafers
Loafers are great because they can add a bit of elegance and style to a lot of outfits. You’ll want to invest in a nice pair of leather loafers that you can bring out on special occasions and add some class. You’ll love having your loafers so make sure to get a good quality pair.

3. Running Trainers
Whether you go to the gym, go for a run or don’t do any exercise at all, it is always a good idea to have some running trainers. This means that you’ll always be prepared for activities and you won’t have to risk getting your nicer trainers or shoes dirty at the park or when you go for a hike.

4. Espadrilles
If you are planning on going somewhere sunny or you live in a place where people often wear flip-flops, then you should think about getting your hands on some espadrilles. These are a lot nicer to look at than flip-flops and they won’t make that awful noise that the plastic ones do.

5. Cap-Toe Oxfords
If you go to a lot of fancy events, then you should think about buying a pair of black cap-toe oxfords. These shoes will go well with a nice suit or even a pair of trousers and a shirt. Oxfords are a necessity for any man’s wardrobe so make sure that you have a good pair at your disposal.

6. Classic Trainers
For a more casual, look you’ll want to have a nice pair of classic trainers. These are the trainers that you’ll wear when you are going to the cinema or on casual Friday and if you have a pair then you won’t have to wear your running trainers. Take a look at some of the classic trainers that you can get and we’re sure you’ll find a pair that you love.

7. Casual Boots
In the colder weather, you’ll want to have some more casual boots to keep you warm. These also come in handy when it comes to battling the rain or the snow, meaning that you won’t need to ruin your fancier boots.

8. Brogues
If you work in an office or go to business meetings often then you need to get your hands on a pair of brogues. These can work well with many different business outfits and you’ll love how they make you look a lot more professional.

9. Minimalist Trainers
On an average day when you are off to the shops or are taking the dog out for a walk, you might want a pair of minimalist trainers. These won’t be as nice as your classic trainers as they will be for those very casual situations.

10. Desert Boots
Another pair of shoes that every man should have is some desert boots. These work really well with the more casual outfits and they are another option instead of your casual boots. Suede desert boots work best so look out for the best pair.

11. Plain-Toe Derbies
If you are going for an outfit that is dressy but not too dressy, you should wear a pair of plain-toe derbies. These shoes look amazing in black leather so make sure to choose a pair that fits well and you’ll be ready for all occasions.

12. House Slippers
Our final suggestion for those men who want to have every pair of shoe that they need is to get some house slippers. These need to be very comfortable and you will love slipping into them when you get home from a long day at work.

Final Verdict
There are a lot of different types of shoes out there so if you want to be ready for any occasion then you should think about taking our advice on board. Once you have, you’ll love your shoe collection and will want to show it off.


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