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Show Me The Money Honey

I am a real believer that most people fall into one of two categories, wordy people or numbers people. As I write a blog and can prattle on for hours about nothing in particular but failed my Maths GCSE I’m going to let you guess which category I come under. 

But, despite numbers not being my thing – I’m too emotional for them to make sense, it all just looks like a mess thrown at a page to me – I am determined to make the cash this year. 

I mean, obviously I’ve made cash every other year, but 2019 is all about working hard and spending (oops, did I say spending, I meant saving, obvs) hard. 

Show Me The Money Honey Wealthify Me

We want to do a lot of things and, to do those, you either need a rich sugar daddy (bleugh, no thank you) or you need to get your backside out there and make the bucks. You need to Wealthify yourself. 

Whatever that means for you, whether you’re like me and you have a few different options, or, you have a master plan and you’re already smashing it out of the park, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your own idea come into fruition. 

I am, quelle surprise, a bit of a shopper. I know! It always shocks me too. But, I’m also a frustrated traveller and there is a WHOLE list of places that I have not yet visited. There’s a list as long as your arm of concerts, restaurants, spas and adventures I want to tick off my list this year, as well as plenty I want to tick off other people’s lists, people who keep showing me their lists without me even asking to see them…. You get my drift? 

So, I’m throwing it out there to the Universe, hoping it’s listening (it’s always listening) SHOW ME THE MONEY HONEY. 

Come on 2019, let’s see what you’re made of. 


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