Simple DIY Projects For The Garden


So, picture the scene. I’m sitting at my dining table, looking out onto my garden. The kids and one of the dogs are out, and apart from the dulcet tones of the washing machine, all is quiet. Which is a frigging novelty this month, I tell you. 

Sounds idyllic doesn’t it? 

Only, half of next doors garden is slowly, but surely, falling into ours. My rotary washing line thing is leaning to one side, a little bit drunk looking, and the fences really look like they need a facelift, never mind a makeover. Plus there’s a whole load of stuff waiting to go to the tip, but I think the man of the house has forgotten where that is. 

Welcome to Steptoe’s yard. 

Not really, it’s not *that* bad but it’s not the garden I would choose to have! The top end is beautiful, it’s patio’d and has all my favourite plants in pots, our gorgeous table from Wayfair and just generally looks like a nice garden. Take a few steps further though and it all goes to pot. 

I have a DIY plan. Of course I do. The fences need repairing first. The gardens are tiered, so the house to the left of us is slightly higher, which means the ridiculous fencing used when the houses were built have rotted through, letting all the earth fall through into our garden. It’s a massive job, I think it’s a case of new fencing all along and I am hoping it gets done before winter hits and we have a hurricane or something! 

So, once they’re done, I want to paint them (our side only) grey. Naturally. In an ideal world we’d have artificial grass – we don’t get much sun in our garden (note to self, listen to mother in law when she mentions North or South facing gardens) so our grass is always looking rough, plus, two dogs and an 8 year old boy = not Wimbledon ready grass. But, as we rent this house, I kind of resent paying out for something we’re only going to keep for another 2 years or so! 

So, a new lawnmower is definitely needed. I’d like one that works, doesn’t weigh a tonne and also doesn’t sound like we’re cutting down trees. These from SGS would be perfect. At least that way we can make the real, slightly battered looking, grass shorter so it’s not so wild and grizzly out there. 

My shed is going to go a lovely shade of pale pink. That’s right. She who paints it gets to decide the colour. It’s law I believe. Only, we need a day where it doesn’t rain for me to be able to do that. So, around November time should be good. 

The washing line (can you call it a line if it’s not an actual line? Questions that run through Kate’s mind 101) needs some serious attention. The bloke tells me that I need to hang more on one side than the other. I won’t repeat what I say to him. Let’s just say it involves washing and shoving. Uh huh.

Then, I reckon we’re pretty much set. It’s not a huge list of things to do is it? It’s doable, affordable (minus the fences) and should me a huge difference. I mean, the biggest difference would be if we could relocated to Reigate or Brighton and have a garden that actually sees the sun and is warm enough to sit out in, but I guess that’s where my patient head needs to come in – if anyone knows where I can get one of those, let me know…..! 

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