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Product of the month: Weleda Skin Food

I’m probably really late to the party here, but I am officially in love with a product. I’m very lucky, in that, as a blogger I get to try a lot of things that I might not necessarily buy for myself, or even know of, and I’m always excited when samples drop through the letterbox. 

One product I’ve always wanted to try, but never really got round to buying (each time I went to my local Holland & Barrett it was out of stock!) is Weleda Skin Food. It’s mentioned in so many blogs, magazines and features and everyone is always raving about it. It’s got a damn good reputation! 

Skin Food

Welled skin food

I have been trying to get a more structured schedule on lifedaily.co.uk, I’m (trying!) to bring it back to life and focus on finding a rhythm for my posts, so, in the interest of giving myself some post fodder and inspiration, I’ve decided to do a Product of the Month feature. It won’t necessarily be related to anything I’ve previously talked about, but it will be the stand out item for me that month, something I have loved and want to shout about to whoever might decide to read my (extremely witty and amazingly thought out) posts.

For the last two months or so, my skin has been the driest it has ever been. I have never really had a problem with the skin on my body (spots on my face in my 30’s is always going to be a problem, thanks hormones) but my body has been fine, until now. I can’t even blame the cold weather because it’s my legs, stomach and hands, which are pretty much constantly covered when it’s cold (my stomach is covered all the time, let’s be honest) but it’s been so dry and itchy that I’ve even bruised myself scratching at it. Attractive. 


Bath products have irritated it even more, the only product that I can use in the bath has to be oil based, no bubbles for me right now, and no amount of product has helped it. Until I got my hands on the beauty that is Skin Food. 

If you haven’t already tried it, it’s a thick, oily cream that smells amazing (think plant based but pretty, as it’s formulated with extracts of viola, chamomile and calendula) but it sinks into your skin almost instantly and doesn’t leave one single trace of a “cream” feeling and no residue at all. 

It is like a bloody miracle in a tube. My skin LOVES it. I love it. And, to top the icing on the cake with a little cherry, the itching stops once it’s on. I literally want to smother myself in this stuff 24/7. I’ve been using it on my hands throughout the day and I whack it on my legs and stomach after the bath or shower and whenever my skin starts to feel like it’s getting that prickly, itchy feeling again, which has been happening less and less since I started using it. Thank god, because my nails can cause actual damage if you scratch too hard, as I’ve already proven!

weleda skin food

Skin Food can go anywhere on the body that you feel needs a bit of extra attention, hands, feet, elbows, cuticles, face, lips, anywhere. It’s 100% certified natural and it can be used on kids as well. 

It’s available from www.weleda.co.uk in 3 different sizes, 10ml, 30ml and 75ml (ranging from £2.25 to £10.95, such a bargain!) 

Now all I need is someone to create a massive 300ml tube of the stuff and I’ll be set! 

contains PR sample but all my own thoughts! 


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