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The Benefits Of Driving A Smaller Car // Family Life

Small Car

We’re a two car family. I know that makes us quite lucky, and it means we’re both able to flit around here, there and everywhere when we need to. It’s kind of a necessity though, when one person is away 3 days a week, or working in various parts of the country and the other is taxi and general driver to a couple of kids. 

I love my car and the independence it gives me. A couple of times T has driven off with my car keys in his bag, or it’s had to go into the garage for a repair or check, and I’m left without my wheels. So, you know, walking has to happen. 


Lately though I’ve been thinking of getting a smaller car. T has a big car, I have a medium one, and there’s not really a need for both. When we go out as a family, we go in the bigger car. I think partly for comfort and partly because the male of the species always feels like they should drive, or is that just my male? During the week, it’s just me and my sidekick, I very rarely see the teenager unless she wants to go somewhere or eat something, so having a smaller car kind of makes sense. 

There are lots of smaller cars I like, but, having never driven anything smaller than 4 door, I’m wondering if it’s a good idea. Obviously ferrying a few kids around is easy, they can all climb in the back and away we go, but then we have to factor in bags, scooters, helmets, dogs, football boots, general “do we really need to take this with us” crap that most families have in their cars. 

It’s not just me, don’t pretend it is. 

I’m debating going to test drive a couple, to see how they feel. I’m quite tall with long legs, so there would need to be an element of space, otherwise I’d have to master driving with my knees around my ears, and I’m not sure that’s advisable. Or legal. Looking at a car supermarket would probably be a good idea, everything in one place! 

I also need to factor in boot space. While I don’t need “suitcase” size, I do need to at least be able to store the scooter in there for the dangerous one, and enough room for a few shopping bags/wellies/so on, plus, speed is an issue. I don’t want to end up trundling along in the slow lane of the motorway because it can’t go faster than 60mph – that would never work!

On the flip side, there’s lots of positives, less petrol, smaller engine so less emissions, less tax to pay, easier to park….!

So there’s lots to think about. Would you swap your bigger car for something smaller? Have you already? 

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