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Small Ways To Feel More Put Together

Three days a week I have to wear a fetching purple t-shirt for work, and let me tell you, purple is not my colour. It’s a uniform, which, I know millions of people have to wear to work every single day of their lives, but there’s something about that t-shirt that makes me feel really scruffy and not quite ‘me’.

Obviously, I live in t-shirts outside of work, but they’re different, ya know?

On the days that I’m feeling awake/pumped/raring to go, whatever you want to call it, I try and make sure I feel less like I’ve bene dragged through a hedge backwards, and more like a 30 something, mother of two who has her shit together. 

Looks can be deceiving you know. 

1: Nails

Nails are always important to me. If you scroll back through my instagram you’ll see I had a good couple of years with super long (and all my own I’ll have you know) nails that were full on colour, sparkle and joy inducing weapons. But, I had to get back to real work, and spending all day on a computer with nails that long, was not working for me (or my employer, I had the typing speed of a cat) so they had to go. But short nails can still look bloody good, and having nicely painted nails even when the rest of you looks like you haven’t left the house for a few days, can bring a touch of style to your look. 

Because I’m pale I have to avoid certain colours, otherwise my hands look closer to death than I would like, so I generally go with red, black, dark grey or a nudey pink. When the sun is shining I’ll be back to the neon colours. I just need to work on not biting the cuticles now. 

2: A BAG

I am a bag whore. There will never be a time that I don’t need or want a new bag. I have no shame in admitting that. 

I have a huge tote for work, from Hermosa, which has my initials stitched on it (monogramming is my favourite thing ever) but I’m on the lookout for something new for Spring/Summer now. I’m tempted by the Longchamp Le Pilage bags, but the nylon is a sticking point for me. I need to have a feel of it before I invest! 

For weekends, I like to use something a bit smaller, otherwise I end up taking a million unnecessary things out with me. Like yesterday for example, who needs to take work keys, a diary, 2 make up bags and a bag of sweets (C’s, not mine) to Ikea? Ridiculous. I want to be the kind of person who has a tiny cross body bag with a card wallet, a couple of keys, lipgloss and phone. I’m not her yet. 

3: Trainers

We went out for dinner a few weeks back and I was stumped at what to wear on my feet, as it appears I live in my trainers now. Work, home, days out, you name it, I have a pair of trainers that will work, but if it requires fancy, then I’m a bit stuck. In the end I went with gold loafers (which I had forgotten I owned) and they were just as comfortable as my trusty Nikes. 

I just don’t do heels anymore. I used to, pre kids, spend all day and night in massive heels, running for the bus in them was no problem, but now I can’t think of anything worse. I’ve found what works for me and I’m more than happy they’re comfortable too. 

Probably need to work on how much I’m willing to spend though, as my collection is growing and they’re getting more and more expensive each time! Vejas anyone?


My hair is SO important to me. There were a. rough few years where I cut it all off, dyed it several colours and then tried everything to get it back to ginger again. Lesson learnt! I am a long hair, redhead person and nothing is going to change that! 

Because my hair is so long now, then ends are obviously old and require a bit more care and attention than shorter hair would, so I have to look after it. 

Decent shampoo and conditioner isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it! I also use Philip Kingsley Elastisizer once a week, heat spray for days when I straighten it, and Moroccan Oil on the ends, straight or not. I try not to blow dry unless I really have to, because it’s a double hit of heat on it, which makes me worry about breakage! But, if my hair is looking healthy and swishy, then I feel a million times better than if it was greasy and whacked on top of my head. 


And I’m not talking about push up, push out or any kind of pushing. I’m all about comfort and style. 

There’s a time and a place for thongs, I’m not positive when that is, but there is, I’m sure.

For me, day to day, I’d rather wear a high waisted, high leg. Hold you in and cover your arse at the same time. Always black or nude (white is never nude, ever) If you’ve got good undies on then you already feel better than if you’re wearing scuzzies. Secret armour or something. 


This is a huge one for me. The mental benefits of having clear skin are huge. When your face is working with you enough that you don’t need to wear full foundation every day, especially on your days off or at weekends, it feels AMAZING! 

I’ve had a long battle to get my skin to where it is now (touch wood) and I have my trusty products that I use, without fail, every morning and evening. 

I don’t go crazy with make up, because I like to recognise myself – but also because I’m not amazing at it. I can do a good base, I can do a natural eye. I cannot do winged eyeliner for shit. So, if I’m feeling the need for a fresh look I usually change my lipstick to something a bit bolder and that’s about it! I really need to get my lashes tinted so I can even dump the mascara on a Sunday. Heaven! 

So, that’s how I feel more put together. A lot of the time it’s down to your mindset, if you tell yourself you look fab, then you’ll feel fab and you’ll be more comfortable in your style. 

How do you make yourself feel more put together?


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