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Spending And Saving – Show Me The Money

Spending And Saving - Show Me The Money

Money is the root of all evil. 

So they say. But, I don’t know about you, I don’t think I could live without it. Literally and figuratively. No one likes to talk cash, not unless you’re Billy Big B*llocks and you like to announce to anyone who’ll listen how much you made last month – and, of course – how much you’ve spent. 

But that’s where we go wrong. In my humble opinion. As a blogger (and I use that term loosely at the moment!) I’ve seen time and time again the secret squirreling that goes on when it comes to mentioning how much people make, or charge. I don’t get it, I really don’t. We don’t assume we should all have the same salaries at work, so why do some bloggers feel like they should be earning the same as other bloggers? Or, weirdly, feel like they need to keep their budgets secret. 

Surely we can all help each other out a little bit no? 

Another thing that gets my goat is my kids having no concept of money or budgets. I was (and still am, slightly) pretty useless at saving money. I can spend it with ease, if there was an Olympic sport in splashing the cash, I’d be gold all the way. My two seem to think there’s a never ending supply of the stuff. Even the teenager who now earns (and spends) her own money.

I think being open about how much you earn and spend is really important. I’m almost positive being taught how to budget at school would have been SO much more useful to me than learning how to join two pieces of wood in design tech. 

I had part time jobs from when I was about 14. I always wanted to be out shopping at weekends and, even though I got good pocket money, I always wanted more, so, I had to earn it. Which is why I now drive my own 15 year old to work twice a week, knowing the value of money is never going to come from being told “it doesn’t bloody grow on trees” it’s going to come from working 2 shifts, buying a pair of jeans and realising you now don’t have enough money to go to the cinema and Nandos with your mates. 

Cruel to be kind. 

Since I’ve become a grown up (in the last couple of years…!) my attitude to money has, finally, changed. I still enjoy a little shopping spree here and there, but actually, I have enough stuff. Now, I’d much rather spend my money on experiences. Or, heaven forbid, save for a rainy day. Because, good god there can be a lot of rain when you least expect it. 

I think most people have found themselves in a situation where there just isn’t enough cash to cover the emergency you’re facing. Millions of people have had to apply for short term credit, which something like the consumer city index shows. It’s not something to be ashamed of, we can’t all (sadly) be millionaires. 

If we were all a little bit more open about our earning (and spending) habits, if we were all taught how to budget and save, because, let’s be honest, it’s not always as simple as saving a certain amount of your salary. What if you don’t have any salary left? Too much month and not enough money sneaks up on everyone eventually! If we were all more aware of how credit affects us, then there would be more conversations going on, more honesty and a lot less people feeling like they’re the only ones not able to afford a holiday, a new car, or, whatever it is they want. 

For me, I want to earn enough that I can book a summer holiday in August (with the ridiculous price hikes that make me SO mad) and not have to worry about it. I’d also like to throw in a trip to NYC sans kids. But most importantly, I’d like to feel in complete control of my cash and be more open and relaxed about money.

Even if I never master the art of saving, I’d like to know my kids have it nailed. 

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