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How long do you spend in the (digital) shower?

Digital Shower

I love a good shower. It will never beat a bath in my eyes, but for washing your hair or having a super fast wash the shower will always win hands down. But, did you even know such a thing as digital showers existed? I did not. And quite frankly I should be ashamed of myself.

It is apparently a big trend prediction for 2020 and I’m here for it. Smarter than your average bear, shower, it uses technology to give you a personalised shower experience. Uh huh. Not just a shower, no siree. A shower experience. In the words of M&S, this isn’t just any ordinary shower. Let’s be honest, if you add the word ‘experience’ to any word, it becomes just that little bit more luxe.

It looks pretty cool too, especially in a house that loves a bit of tech. A sleek, sexy wireless controller replaces the usual mixer part and you can set the perfect temperature for you before you even step foot in the cubical. No more fiddling around with the knobs trying to get it hotter (me) or doing a too hot dance while it cools down (him). AND it will remember what setting you had last time, in case you’ve forgotten.

Imagine being able to start the shower, get it to the right temp and get all your bits and bobs ready before you even get undressed? When it’s 5am and freezing cold outside the digital shower is saying, “I’ve got you”. Or, more likely for me, when you’re dragging a muddy 10 year old home from rugby training, his bones are frozen and the last thing he wants to do is get in the shower, you can get it all ready before he’s even got his shin pads off.

As well as being good looking and helpful, digital showers are also great for energy saving. They can track your water usage, shut off after a certain amount of time (sorry teenager, it’s time to exit the bathroom now) and you can set eco functions to keep an eye on how much water and power you’re using. I love this idea – we’re all keen on cutting back where we can, not just to save some pennies, although that’s always welcome, but because we all know the damage we’re doing to the planet. Less wasted water, less wasted fuel, and a better shower to boot.

They’re obviously not the cheaper end of the scale, but if you work it out cost per use, per person, I would imagine it would be paying for itself after a fairly short amount of time, so the initial investment might sting, but you’ll feel good after a while!


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