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The kids are alright

They are.

Little Miss is 8 (going on 15) and Little Man is 2, not quite a ‘boy’ and not a toddler anymore. They’re growing up. Fast.

When we get to school I’m not allowed to go to the door with Little Miss anymore, we walk along the path towards the gate with her telling me to stop further and further away each time. Off she runs into her class under the impression that mummy has turned on her heel and gone home, but mummy has not. Oh no. Mummy is still standing in the same spot making sure that little miss has gone INTO the classroom and hasn’t come back out to tell me we’ve forgotten something! I probably stand there for a few minutes too long, the child isn’t silly, she knows she’s not meant to come back out of the classroom once she’s in, but you can’t be too careful right….?

Little Man? Well jeez. Full blown conversations? (OK, I appear to be the only one who understands every word but that’s not my fault) telling me that he needs his nappy changed, drinking from a PROPER cup (no lid!) I mean come on! Who stole my baby and replaced him with a very cheeky, quite naughty little boy?

I’m mentally preparing myself for the onslaught of puberty, the hormones are kicking in already, there’s a boyfriend of sorts, it’s all too much! Next year Little Miss will be going away with school for two whole nights and three days. She has never been away from home for that long. And I’ve never been unable to contact her when she is away. I’m dreading it already! Of course, I’m being very grown up and making it the fun adventure it should be, but I’m not looking forward to it at all.

I’m not sure I’m ready for this.

My children aren’t my actual babies anymore. That’s scary*.

(*it’s even more scary as I don’t feel grown up enough to be in charge of two real people…!)


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