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The Shopping Wish List: And So To Bed

The Shopping Wish List: And So To Bed

I love our bedroom. We love our bedroom. The novelty of sleeping in a room that is big enough for our bed, wardrobes, drawers, bedside tables and still has space to walk around in will probably never wear off.

We can have bedside lamps people! BEDSIDE LAMPS!!! 

In our old house every single room was dark, it was (some direction) facing which meant the sun was in the wrong place throughout the ENTIRE day.

Now we have a house full of light and the difference in my mood is incredible, I can’t even tell you. Plus, the moon shines directly onto my bed from around 2am until the sun rises again, so, obviously, the house has been made for me. 

When I first met Mr AG, way back in the years that began with the number nineteen, he had a bed that was super low to the ground. It was a revelation to me, you could you practically roll in and out of bed with little to no effort and you could put your drink on the floor next to you, and reach it without too much movement.

You could call those years our lazy years. So, from then on in, we had low beds.

Until I was hugely pregnant and my dad had to put ‘proper legs’ on our bed so that I could actually get out of it unaided. Without a shred of dignity mind, but unaided.  You have to take your highs where you can get them when you’re 8 months pregnant and the size of a small mammal. 

The last bed we bought was an Ikea one, naturally, and it’s still fairly low, but not in a ‘oh my god my bones’ kind of way.

No more babies or pregnancies here, so we can go a little wild again. But not too wild, one of us is in their 40’s. We’ve left that to the teenager, who has taken our low bed history and made it her own.

It did have a huge padded headboard which was covered in grey fabric and I loved it, oh how I loved it. 

Alas, one day when I tried to move the bed to find something that had fallen down behind it, I managed to snap the entire thing. Readers, do not move a bed by the headboard alone. Top tip for you. 

So we became headboard-less. Sad times. 

The Shopping Wish List: And So To Bed

Now, in the bedroom of light, I’m feeling all kinds of new bed vibes. In my dreams (see what I did there?) the bed always involves some kind of dusty, rose pink. Mr AG isn’t really down for that, he’s more of a patterned, primary colour person, which, makes my hairs stand on end but we’re working on him.

I want it to feel luxurious and almost modern romantic, but without being too fancy or fussy. A bit like me. 

I’ll know it when I see it, so obviously, I’ve been looking. Bed Guru have a load of sexy beds that I keep firing over to the Mr to gauge his opinion.

So far I’ve found a good 5 or 6 that I like the look of, and we will eventually get it down to one or two that we both agree on so neither of us feels like we’re compromising.

We’re really getting the hang of this married lark. 

We have, however, both agreed that the bedroom needs to stay white, because it just feels amazing to have such a bright space, which, I know sounds a bit whack when we’re talking about bedrooms, but you just have to trust us.

But, throw in a few dusty pinks, some greys and a whole load of white and you’re basically looking at the dreamiest bedroom ever. 

Candles, photos, plants galore, my crystal collection lined up on the window to soak up all those moon and sun rays, it’s the perfect place to escape the crazed life of a GCSE taking hormonal teenager and an insane and ALWAYS energetic 10 year old.

Sometimes we dream of breaking the door handle ‘accidentally’ on the inside so we’re trapped…..

Then, we would just need to work on my ability to walk around things, rather than into them, and we’d be laughing. Bruised shins aren’t a good look on a 38 year old and I think those corner protectors you use when you have really small kids in the house kind of ruin the grown up bedroom vibe, don’t you? 



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