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Things to buy right now

I love fashion, all of it, from the crazy and ridiculous to the historical, I love to see how people dress and what they team things with, because we’re all so different. Give 3 people the exact same items of clothing but let them accessorise in their own way and not one outfit will look the same.

I look at my favourite blogs, Instagram, Pinterest or magazines for ideas and inspiration, but, I tend to stick to my staples, what works on the pages of fashion mags is (probably) not going to work in my real world. A: I’d look ridiculous and my children would probably walk ahead of me on the school run, and B: I don’t want to be restricted or uncomfortable, if I could wear my pjs all day, trust me, I would. But they’re good pjs. 

However, I like clothes. A lot. (I like bags even more than a lot) I’m a normal (average if you must, but I hate that word) person, and even though I’m not in an office, busy freelancing and ‘mum-ing” I still want to look good. I want to have things in my wardrobe I can throw on (literally, throw on) and know that it works, goes with whatever else I’m wearing and I can get from here, to there, via a dog walk, with ease. And style. And I was going to say grace, but it’s me and I’m not graceful. Ever. 

Casual Rules

My look is always casual. I hate feeling overdone. I like my hair to be on the right side of messy (this doesn’t always work), and I like to look like I’ve made some sort of an effort but, not too much, saying that, I do NOT want to be frumpy or Mary Poppins-ish. Even when we go somewhere posh, which isn’t often but does happen, I like to have something a little edgy, just so I feel a bit more me. Plus, I’ve always got my tattoos with me. 

I have my ‘uniform’ of skinny jeans, good tops, jackets and, surprisingly, trainers are my favourite footwear of the moment, I am turning into a bit of a trainer whore, which is ironic really because I will never wear them to the gym…..! If I find something that makes me feel confident and looks good, then I’m going to buy several of them, in all the colours! 

If you’re planning on shopping soon (me too, Bluewater is great for racking up the steps, I’m trying to get over 10k everyday at the moment) then these are just a few of my favourites, for when the weather is a little bit “what the hell, it’s raining, hot and grey?” like today. Can you guess how frizzy my hair is right now? Humidity is a bitch. 

I am *obsessed* with slogan t-shirts, H&M is top of the list right now for me, I never usually find anything I love in there, but there are at least 10 tees I want to buy (you can never have too many!) as well as the striped culottes. Remember when they were a thing before? Love these ones, and the flowery ones they also have online.

The bleached denim jacket is perfect for summer, if we ever have one, although, I’m not sure I can give up my camo shacket now it’s in my wardrobe! It’s good to have alternatives though, and this one isn’t too 80’s rock star. I can’t carry that look off. At all. 

A massive, oversized t-shirt dress is the outfit of dreams. You can whack it on, and that’s it. You’re done, dressed. Ready to go. And, hello? It has POCKETS! Why don’t all women’s clothes have bloody pockets?? The jeans I’m wearing today for example, I’ve owned for at least a year, and every single time I wear them, I forget they’re pocketless at the front. Come on designers, sort it out! You don’t see men walking around pocketless do you!? 

I’m a huge sucker for anything that has my initials or name on it, so this bag from Saywhatyouc is just gorgeous, whether you’re on the beach, city shopping, or, just legging it to Sainsbos because you’ve forgotten milk AGAIN, whatever floats your boat. If you’ve got your name on your bag (and you’re not at school) you’re going to look gooooooood. Plus, have a look at the camo bags, they’re on my want list!

Last, but by no means least, mermaid sliders. *LOVE* – I’m looking for the perfect pair of sliders, I want fluffy for at home but these would look perfect poolside. In the sun. In another country. Please. Hurry up August! 

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Striped Culottes – H&M – £14.99 Monki Dress – ASOS – £25.00 Denim Jacket – Topshop – £40.00 Personalised Shopper – Saywhatyouc – £32.00 T-Shirt – H&M £12.99 Mermaid Sliders – ASOS £18.00



  1. May 20, 2017 / 4:20 am

    Ooohhh I to love a slogan tee and shopping at Bluewater.
    Lady after my own heart with the trainer situ.

    • Katie
      May 24, 2017 / 1:31 pm

      Lets do it!!

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