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Things You Should Know Before Buying A Bed

Bed is the most important place in the world. This is a known fact. Kind of.

If it’s not, it should be. Somewhere to rest your bones at the end of a long day, somewhere to snuggle up when it’s raining and cold outside, and somewhere to work from when you don’t fancy going all the way downstairs.

Bed is important.

There are lots of factors to think about when you’re buying a new bed. Style, colour, size to name just a few.

We’ve always gone for a good old fashioned wooden bed, it’s just been the one we’ve always been drawn to, but sometimes, the fancy in me would love to climb into a Suede Divan Bed at the end of the day, it just sounds so much fancier doesn’t it?

Once you’ve got the bed sorted you can then move onto the mattress – there are so many to choose from these days it’s almost like you need a masters degree to work out what means what. I like it firm, but soft. Memory foam preferably and one that doesn’t create a ridge in the middle when one partner is heavier than the other. Kind of like climbing a wall to get a cuddle.

But, once all that is done, the best part of all (aside from actually ‘being’ in bed) is dressing it. Currently, our bed has 6 pillows on it. Three each. But, each night, the husband likes to remove two of his and throw them across the room.

I like to build a little fort with mine, two in a crisscross style, one to hug. I have it down to a fine art now, and even my youngest has become accustomed to sleeping with his pillows in a certain way.

We will gloss over the fact that when I wake up, I am nowhere near a single pillow, at least one is on the floor next to the bed, and the other two are resting on top of my head, while I’m flat out on the mattress in a diagonal style. But, if you’d like to hear more about that, just ask my husband, he will tell you exactly how I like to sleep and exactly how it annoys him.

Another thing we disagree on is the actual bedding. He likes stripes and patterns, I like plain. He likes bright colours, I like muted, dusty colours. Grey or pink are my favourite. His favourite used to involve spots and swirls.

Notice I say ‘used to’. I’m good like that.

Beds.net have created a whole infographic for those of us who are on the hunt for the new bed, think of it as a checklist if you will, of things to consider before you spend your hard earned cash on something that can prove to be quite a big investment.

And make sure you have a decent amount of pillows, strategically placed on the bed. Even if you’re the only ones that ever see them.

It’s the thought that counts right?

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Bed

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