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This week we have been….

Visiting A&E mostly.

Little man has a hernia. I spotted it on Saturday, and being female, I was a bit confused as to what this “lump” could be, so I wanted hubby to have a look before I started worrying. He got home quite late, and LM was already in bed, so he had a look with a torch (and promptly got peed on!) We called NHS direct, who said it could be one of two things, a hernia, or a fluid build up, but as he was in no pain and was happy, it would be hard to tell which, and they advised us to call our out of hours doctor to be sure. We did that, and were told, again, as no pain, not to worry and take him to our docs on Monday if it hadn’t gone. OK….

Sunday came, LM was still happy and showed no sign of pain, but hubby was able to look properly this time, and we both agreed it wasn’t right and we should take him to the emergency doc just in case. Hubby took him, and I stayed home with Little Miss. An hour passed, and I had only heard from him once saying he was fine, and waiting to be seen, then another hour passed, by this time I was starting to panic. Hubs had no signal in the hospital, and eventually he managed to get outside and call me, they’d been sent through to A&E as the doc wanted it checked ASAP, and had basically told hubs “off” for not bringing him down sooner. After yet ANOTHER hour, I couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to go to the hospital myself. Luckily my dad very kindly came and got me (hubs had the car) and took me to hospital, and Little Miss home with him.

We sat in the paediatric a&e unit for hours. LM had not slept since 3pm that day, and he was exhausted but refused to sleep. Eventually, at around 12am we saw the doc, who said she was pretty sure it was a hernia but needed him to be seen by the surgical doctor, who was dealing with another emergency. At 1am, he turned up, and agreed, yes, its a hernia. He has the type of hernia that is stuck, but not “obstructed” which would cause pain, and they don’t operate on children under the age of eight, so we would be sent to another hospital a good 45 mins away from us (with no traffic) We were sent home, after being told he would call us in the morning to let us know what the other hospital says.

Monday morning came. The doctor called and said he was being referred to the day unit and we’d receive the appointment in 2-4 weeks. If anything changes in that time we have to take him straight to St Georges hospital as he will need emergency surgery within 6-8 hours of things getting painful.

I know a hernia is not uncommon, and I know LM isn’t in any pain. But the thought of an operation on my baby is AWFUL. I’m constantly on “hernia watch” looking out for any signs of change, a grey colour, or him being in pain. I’m also trying to stop him from doing anything that would cause damage, impossible!

So. That was our weekend. Would quite happily never do that again.

Bugger off hernia and leave my little man alone. Thank you.


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