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Time Bomb Supersize Hero Collection On QVC

Time Bomb Supersize Hero Collection On QVC

Who doesn’t love QVC? The savings are amazing and if you can keep a eye out for products you use often then you’re onto a real winner. The latest QVC offer is the Time Bomb Supersize Hero Anti-Ageing Collection.

These super sized, anti-ageing super stars are exactly what you need to give your skin ‘dew it all’ – visibly firmed, tightened, plumped and hydrated, leaving it looking glowing and refreshed.

If you were to buy these products individually it would cost over £200 so this is a seriously amazing deal!

Time Bomb Supersize Hero Collection On QVC

The Hero Collection Contains:

  • Take-Off Time Cleanse & Buff 200ml (usually £25)
  • Complexion Cocktail with a Shot of H2Omega 150ml (usually £30)
  • Collaegen Bomb Essential Skin Fuel 50ml (usually £65)
  • Powerball Intensive Moisturiser 100ml (usually £80)

Take-Off Time Cleanse & Buff cleansing cream is uniquely formulated with professional grade crystals to gently lift away dead cells to uncover your most dewy, fresh, radiant complexion.

Complexion Cocktail with a Shot of H2Omega is a light, skin boosting cocktail serving up instant refreshment for dehydrated skin. It contains both Chia Oil and Coconut Oil, which are two of nature’s richest sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Plus a power blend of two hyaluronic acids to instantly inject your skin with moisture.

Collagen Bomb Essential Skin Fuel is loaded with high concentrations of potential anti-oxidants including Pycnogenol (a natural plant extract that helps to fortify collagen). Collagen Bomb helps to fuel the skin into overdrive, and leaves it feeling full, firm and fit.

Powerball Intensive Moisturiser floods the skin with a blend of hydrators that act on every level to refill, lock in and retain moisture.

Time Bomb Supersize Hero Collection On QVC

The offer is available from today on QVC and you can get all four products for just £62.88! That’s a MASSIVE saving and one you would be crazy to miss if you love your skincare products!

Time Bomb Supersize Hero Collection is available from QVC now!


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