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Time Bomb: Take-Off Time Cleanse & Buff

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Time Bomb: Take-Off Time Cleanse & Buff

Time Bomb have made another goodie in the skincare world – the Take-Off Time Cleanse & Buff

Cleansing is one of my favourite “just got home” things. Once I’m home and I know (for definite) I’m not going out again, I am straight upstairs to take my make up off, my bra off and get my comfies on. I don’t care if it’s Winter or Summer, as much as I love wearing (and buying) make up, there is nothing close to taking it off! 

When your skin is operating at peak performance, it naturally sheds off dead surface cells every three weeks. Over time, this process slows and it can take up to nine weeks, leaving your complexion looking dull and uneven. It’s even worse during the colder months, when you live indoors, have the central heating turned up to a toasty 22 degrees and you’re not getting enough vitamin D in your body. 

Urgh, anyone else ready for summer? 

Take Off Time is engineered with professional dermatological grade crystals that gently lift away that clinging top layer to reveal fresh, smooth, glowing skin beneath. Unlike most cleansers, it doesn’t contain drying surfactants or harsh detergents so your skin is left moist and dewy.

You’re meant to use it both morning and evenings, and it’s gentle enough to do that. I have mine in the shower ready to use. Once I’ve taken my make up off with my oil cleanser, I use this as a second cleanse and exfoliate, in place of my acid toner and it works perfectly. I love the smell of it, and it makes your skin feel clean but not stripped or tight, like the face washes of old. 

I cannot get enough of Time Bomb skincare!! 

Take Off Time is available from QVC and www.timebombco.com and costs £16.00 for 125ml.


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