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LD // Five Tips for Students Moving to Manchester

LD // Five Tips for Students Moving to Manchester

For students attending their first year of college or university, it is a very exciting time in life. In a sense, this kicks off the start of their adult life, and is often the first time they are truly independent, living on their own, and tackling the world. It’s also quite common to move to a new city or town in order to attend school, which adds another level of excitement and often a bit of stress to the mix.

If you are a student who has recently moved to, or is gearing up to move to Manchester, then there are some tips you can use that will help make the transition smoother. This means less stress on your plate, so you can focus on your studies instead.

Look into Student Accommodation

The first thing you will need to consider is where you will live in Manchester. The good news is that student accommodation Manchester based isn’t hard to come by, and you can search lots of options such as Almero’s student property in the area . There are plenty of other students just like you who are moving to the area for university, so you’ll find a wide array of accommodation that is geared to you.

Take Almero’s student accommodation as an example, which is known for its luxury offerings. Almero features properties that are located in some of the best areas for students and have all the top amenities and furnishings.

Get to Know the Layout of the City

The next tip is to start to get to know the layout of the city. Sure, you don’t have to be a professional guide, but having a general idea of where things are located will certainly help you to get around. Another great aspect to living in Manchester is that it’s a city that you can easily navigate and get around by public transport or even foot.

Discover the Hot Spots Through Social Media

There’s no doubt that as a newcomer to the city you probably won’t know about all the hot spots, both day and night, so social media can be a great way to get an idea of what the top hangouts are. You can find information on trendy cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants, and more.

Checking out these hot spots will give you a chance to socialise and even meet some new friends before school gets started.

Be a Tourist for a Day

When you first arrive in Manchester, it can be a good idea to act as a tourist for the day. That means going to all the most visited sights and attractions, just like any good tourist would do. Sure, you’re in Manchester to attend school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also learn about the history, culture, and architecture at the same time.

Join a Club or Volunteer through Your University

The final tip is to join a club, society, or even volunteer through the university. This is a great way to become more engaged in your own passion and interest, plus it gives you the opportunity to get to know new people and learn more about the city.

Each of these tips will help you to ease into your new life as a student in Manchester.


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