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Tried & Tested // Hello Fresh Gluten Free Range

Hello Fresh are my dinner time saviours (more about that here). Despite saying we would never be ‘those people’ – the bloke and I have found ourselves struggling for dinner ideas, with the phrase “I don’t mind” being banded around far too often. Usually it’s because we’re too knackered to cook or we’re uninspired with what’s in our fridge. 

Since it’s arrival around 7 years ago, Hello Fresh has delivered to millions of home (and saved millions of dinner times I’m sure!) and it’s recently added gluten free recipes to the Classic Boxes. 

I wrote recently about how I am trying to cut down on the amount of gluten I eat, purely based on personal choice. It bloats me massively and it’s started to become uncomfortable after eating. Plus, it’s kind of over rated if you ask me! 

I was worried that everything was going to be rice based, because that would be the easiest option, or, all gluten free alternatives, like fake pasta and so on, but actually it wasn’t! Go on Hello Fresh you clever little things! 

Our boxes had 3 meals for 4 people – although – the delivery driver liked to leave my boxes on the doormat outside my house which is quite risky when you live on a main road, but that’s another story. 

We had recipes like Seasonal Pea Risotto, Rosemary Glazed Chicken with Mash & Buttered Leeks, Fragrant Caribbeans Beef with Coconut Rice & Sweetcorn Salsa, Heart Toulouse Cassoulet, Thai Massaman Rice, Roasted Duck and Mexican Chicken with Roasted Peppers & Homemade Refried Beans. 

Pretty good choices huh? I was a little bit nervous about the duck dish, I love it but I’ve never cooked it. That worry has now gone! It was SO easy to cook, even though the teenager refused to eat it, it was delicious! 

There was a tiny slip up in one of my boxes, in that a noodle dish was added which obviously wasn’t gluten free. Not much of a problem for us, as none of us are medically intolerant to it, but still, a bit of a mistake there! 

The colour coded brown paper bags contain most of the ingredients for each meal, with the stuff that needs refrigeration in a separate, lined package. I just throw the entire bag into the fridge and simply grab it when I’m ready to cook. 

I LOVE that everything is pre-weighed, ready to use. There’s obviously a bit of chopping and preparation needed but no measuring or weighing, it’s all there ready for you to grab and go. It’s almost fast food but without the health issues! I also love that the portions are so good. That’s a major issue in this house, we over estimate how much we need (anyone else end up with enough pasta to last a week?) so it feels like you’re eating less and eating well. Win win for me. 

It’s so easy to do, the instructions are set out well, although there were a couple of “oh crap” moments when I realised I’d added the whole chilli to a recipe and I should have only added a third – but that’s down to me speed reading rather than Hello Fresh. And anyway, a little bit of spice never hurt anyone….! 

I love Hello Fresh. There is no fuss over what to cook, no need to search high and low for specific ingredients, the portions are well balanced and the meals healthy, and, I think it’s good value for money. For us, a box of 3 meals for 4 people is about £60. I know we could probably shop for less than that, but when you factor in the food being delivered to your door, no need to fight with people in the supermarket, the decision making is done for you, it’s worth it! Plus, if you’re a first time Hello Fresh customer, or you’ve recommended friends, you get money off. So, share the love people. 

More Info: Prices vary depending on the number of meals per box. The family box is the cheapest at £4 per meal but there are other options. For the Gluten Free option you need to select the Classic Box and have at least 3 meals per box. 

Website: www.hellofresh.co.uk 

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