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Tuesday Tittle-Tattle – Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

I was going to call this feature ‘Monday Morning Meeting’ – like proper grown ups who have proper jobs do each Monday, but before I knew it, Monday morning became Monday afternoon and the whole alliteration thing was ruined so I had to start again.

Welcome to the Tuesday Tittle-Tattle. Where I will (in theory) do a little round-up of what kerrrazy shit I’ve been up to, in the vain hope that it will force me to make my life a little more interesting. I am well aware that there will be very little kerrrazy shit, but one can hope!

This week is all about Christmas!

Winter Wonderland

There are a few traditions in the AG household that we’ve accumulated over the years.

For example, we’re not allowed to put the tree up before the first week of December has passed. But we are allowed to badger Mr AG in the lead up to December about doing it early. Just in case he says yes. Although, even if he did, we wouldn’t do it because of that one year where we got our tree on our anniversary (1st December) and then had to drive around looking for a new one on Christmas Eve as ours had literally no needles left.

He really loved me that day.

What we can do however, is start the festivities outside the house. There is no time limit on those bad boys, and, to that I say, the earlier the better!

Winter Wonderland

I mean, we’re not talking October here. Once we’ve got rid of Bonfire Night and we’re into the 3rd week of November, it’s basically time to start singing the Christmas songs as far as I’m concerned. Any earlier than that though, just means you’ll be sick of it come December. And nobody wants to be the Grinch.

So, to kick off the Christmas vibe this weekend we hit up Winter Wonderland!

It’s been years since we’ve visited Hyde Park in December. We used to go along to the press launch evenings, where it was practically empty aside from celebs and we could jump on all the rides for free. But, after visiting one Saturday in December for our wedding anniversary, where TAG and I had to walk in single file and could barely hold a conversation, we decided to scrap it off our list.

We’re fickle like that.

Winter Wonderland
Zippos Circus

This year however, the gorgeous people at Zippos Circus invited us along to the Family Press Day and the love affair with Winter Wonderland has begun all over again!

We spent the entire day walking round London (we did 8.5 miles of trekking to be precise) and finished off with a veggie Wagamama (more on that in another post) before jumping on the train home to watch the Strictly eviction. I mean, if that’s not a Sunday of content I don’t know what is quite frankly.

I’m not going to lie, Winter Wonderland is still the busiest place on earth. We got there around 11ish and it was deceptively quiet. I wondered if it was because we were there before December (remember, ‘some’ people think November is too early to be Ho Ho Ho’ing) but in actual fact it was more like some people thought 11am was too early to do anything and they all rocked up at the same time, which was roughly 12.30, in case you’re wondering.

This time we took in some of the shows, namely Zippos Christmas Circus and the Magical Ice Kingdom as well as all the rides, food and booze. It had to be done!

I’m not sure what I was expecting from the circus, it’s been many, many years since I went to one, and I questioned whether it was something that would entertain my social media loving, YouTubing duo. But ya know what? Entertain it did! Be gone the scary faced clowns and the animal tricks which never sat right with me, even as a kid. Now there’s acrobats to make you hide behind your face (it was like a live showing of BGT) a clown that reminded me so much of Lee Evans I felt like we were watching him live, and record breaking jugglers.

It was bloody brilliant!

If you’re thinking of visiting Winter Wonderland, it’s open everyday 10am – 10pm and it’s free entry. It’s not cheap to eat (or drink) there but if you’re looking for something to kick start Christmas and you don’t mind a few (thousand) people, it’s got to be on your Christmas list!

Side note – we were gifted some vouchers for the rides and shows but not in return for a blog post, I just thought I’d share it with you. I’m good like that.


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