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Two fab beauty buys

Now that the LM’s are growing up a bit, I’m finding myself with a bit more time (and inclination) to concentrate on beauty stuff again. Pre kids I was an addict. There wasn’t a new product out that I didn’t have, or was planning on having and I could tell you how they all worked…..

Post kids however, it’s a whole different story!


Two of the products that I’ve been sent lately have really hit the mark, both for different but equally lovely reasons!

The first product is Nip + Fab’s Tummy Fix.

The Nip + Fab brand has been developed by Maria Hatzistefanis, the creator of Rodial, a huge, global bestselling company. There are various different products in the range, from eye to leg creams!

Tummy Fix claims to smooth, tone, tighten and slim the tummy area by up to 2.5cm, and sold out within days in Boots stores around the country! It even has celebs endorsing it! (Denise Van Outen is said to love it) It’s priced at £18.95 so it’s not one of those creams that only the rich and famous can afford, but is it any good?

In a word. Yes.

My stomach, after two rather large babies is nothing like it used to be. It doesn’t even resemble half of my old stomach. Yes, yes, it housed two wonderful people and my stretch marks are war wounds I should be proud of, yadda yadda, but lets be honest, who wouldn’t want to have a perfectly tight & smooth tummy? Bikini’s may be long gone but I’m still rocking a tankini!
This cream is the puppies whatsits. It actually does what it says it will, I don’t quite know how, but it does. You can feel the skin tightening. It doesn’t make you lose weight or any such magic, but it’s like botox for the stomach. Use it twice a day and you will see effects quickly. And as an added extra it smells gorgeous!

Next up is a cream that I very kindly passed over to the husband. First Aid Beauty (FAB) Ultra Repair Cream.

This is another product that has sold out in days, with a waiting list of over 3000 people! It’s an amazing, fragrance free cream that can be used for so many different things. It’s been created for people with severely dry skin, atopic dermatitis, eczema, allergic eczema and keratosis pilaris (bumpy upper arms, which both my kiddies have) and it really is a multipurpose cream. The hubs suffers from psoriasis and he’s waiting for light therapy to help cure it, so any cream in the meantime that helps, is very welcome here! The thick, rich cream sinks into the skin with ease, doesn’t smell very strong and is very soothing. A survey on the FAB cream found that 23% of mums were using it as a nappy cream as well as a face cream (not at the same time obviously!) 17% of users were men using it after shaving and 5% were people using it for first aid.
This is definitely on our “buy again” list, and I’ll be going for the tube version as well, so I can carry it around with me for certain little people! This is also available in Boots, 170g is £20 and the 56g tube is £8.

Go forth & purchase!!



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