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Girl Boss & Vintage Love


Who has been watching Girl Boss on Netflix? Who now feels like they could totally sell vintage clothing online and make a fortune? 

Yup me too. 

I won’t lie, it started off a little bit iffy, I was starting to think that the whole of Twitter had lied to me and it wasn’t as good as they’d said, but a few episodes in and I am hooked. I love what she wears and buys, even though I’d never wear it myself, it’s still a dream to look at. 

Vintage Style

I’m not what I would call a typical vintage dresser. I do have a few bits for the home that are quite old school and I love vintage (and vintage style) t-shirts, especially rock band ones, they’re my usual ‘go to’ partnered with skinny jeans and a jacket. Doesn’t feel too ‘done’ but it’s also not too ‘couldn’t be bothered to get dressed today’ either. I like to strike a balance. 

One of the main problems though, for me, with vintage shopping, is the actual looking. I mean, I like a browse, like most people do, but there is only so long I can spend looking through millions of crappy pieces to find that one gem of a top or jacket. And, in case you didn’t know, patience is not one of my virtues. 

In this super fast day and age, I quite like my online results to be pretty much instant. There are loads of things I could be doing rather than window shop online, I know I’m a shopaholic but there’s a difference (for me anyway!) between looking for something specific to looking through hundreds of things without knowing what you’ll find, ya know? However, stick me in a flea market and I am as happy as larry! 

Swings and roundabouts people, swings and roundabouts.

Keepin’ it Vintage.

Which is why I am all over Rokit. It’s like ASOS for vintage. A whole mash up of loveliness rolled together to create your one stop vintage destination. 

They began in a market stall in Camden in ’86 specialising in denim from American cowboys (I know!) but the demand was so high that they had to swap their stall for a two storey shop on the high street and Rokit was born. They’ve got three more shops in Brick Lane & Covent Garden (you know, those really unfashionable places) and they’re loved by everyone, from celebs to tourists and us Londoners. 

There’s a team of vintage experts all in one place, hundreds of pieces are hand selected daily and sent to the stores to be added to the website. Each item is cleaned, ironed and mended if needed and, even if they’re unusable, the recycle crew create customised pieces with them! It’s like full scale up-cycling at it’s finest. 

You can literally look for an item based on brand, size, colour, style, type, it’s as easy as any online shop but it’s full of vintage and I am *all over* the t-shirts right now! I’m also partial to a bit of Adidas old school so there may be a few things earmarked, although I’ll probably have to battle with my daughter over anything with an Adidas logo on it. She’s convinced it’s only in the last year or so that Adidas has been this ‘in’ – never mind that it was *the* brand when I was 14, or that Stan Smiths have been around forEVER.  

Home Style

Naturally, vintage style doesn’t have to stop at just fashion for you; introducing a mix of vintage to your contemporary décor is super easy – no matter what your tastes. Whether you want to add a something simple and subtle, with a hint of retro in the form of a sixties inspired record player, or perhaps go for something a little more extravagant like a 20s inspired (or even original if you’re lucky!) art deco lamp or piece of furniture, there are plenty of options out there.

Blending old and new is super easy and eye-catching interiors can be easily introduced to your home with combinations such as the much-celebrated Scandi with vintage – if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t spotted this combination yet (honestly, how?!) check out Pinterest – you won’t be sorry.

People so often confuse the term vintage for either those really extravagant and expensive pieces from antique shops or the leftover, tired items you find adorning your nan’s trinket shelves, but with vintage, or at the very least vintage inspired, there is so much potential to add a unique and beautiful twist to your current home furnishings – and trust me when I say, vintage does not have to cost the earth.

So I guess I am a little bit vintage after all. 

**Collaborative Post**


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  1. May 2, 2017 / 9:39 pm

    I finished GirlBoss yesterday. I was struggling at the beginning and honestly only watched to see the vintage clothes.

    I love vintage but not too much available plus sized. Not heard of this site so off to have a look.

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