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Vivienne Westwood Style // His & Hers

Vivienne Westwood Style // His & Hers Vivienne Westwood Style // His & Hers

A few years ago both the bloke and I were quite conservative, if not boring, dressers. We stuck to the basics, and neither of us really stepped outside of our own, self imposed, fashion boundaries. 

Now, I’m not saying we’re all flamboyant and extravagant all of a sudden, flouncing around in feathers and sequins (although, sequins are one of my favourite things) because we’re not, and if you met us in real life you’d be all kinds of disappointed, and that would just be sad, for us both.

But we have both gone a little bit Vivienne. 

Look closely and you’ll spot a mad sock on the bloke, or a metallic shoe on me. The leopard print scarf or the embellished camo shacket. Little touches that bring a look together and add a bit of personality. Our own personalities.  

Impressively, the bloke has managed to nail his own capsule wardrobe, whereas I am still miles (and miles) away from anything that could be remotely called capsule. He is able to grab a shirt, or t-shirt and jeans without even looking, but he adds to this usual uniform a pair of the brightest socks you have ever seen, an impressive watch and a pair of good looking shoes. 

He’s actually putting me to shame now I come to think of it, I’ll have to up my game a little bit! Dammit. 

My uniform will always be the skinnies, because I’m apple shape and they fit me better (thanks tummy!) but I’m moving away from blending into the crowd and finding that I kind of like a little touch of bizarre here and there, both in my wardrobe and in my home, and this still makes me laugh to myself because it’s so far removed from who I was five, ten years ago. 

Maybe it’s the social media influence, we’re able to see more and more styles and fashion than we ever have, and we’re able to access them easily, who knows, but I’m certainly not complaining! I am pretty sure any of these Vivienne Westwood items would live quite happily in our joint, but not equal, wardrobe! I’m also pretty sure I would find myself stealing a few of the ‘his’ items for myself. 

Striped Blue Shirt £131.25

Unisex Hampstead Chronograph Watch £248

Anglomania Bomber Souvenir Shirt £228

All Over Print Hoodie £262.50

Leopard Lace Print Scarf £149.99

Belgravia Handbag £375


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