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We’re off!!

The Little Man is growing up.

We are now potty training. Well, I say potty training, but we’re more, the potty is there, do you want to use it, type thing. I set out to start full blown “potty mission” in the school holidays, the plan was to take a week out of the seven long weeks, and stay indoors, nappy free 24/7, and hope that by the end of it we’d be sorted, but Little Man had his own ideas, and after a few weeks of telling me when he had done a wee, and when he wanted his bum changed, he moved onto “potty now mummy, wick!”

So, we are! I’m not at the stage where we’re taking the potty out with us (I hate doing that!) and when we’re at other people’s houses he still wants to keep his nappy on, so I’m not forcing the issue, but if he’s happy with the way it’s going so am I!

We do have a very cool potty for him though, courtesy of Bump PR, we have a Pourty the newest potty on the block if you like! It’s got a handle, and a magic pouring part at the back, so no nasty splashes or whatnot. It’s easy to clean, and, if Little Man’s bottom is anything to go by, it looks fairly comfortable too! (It is a bit higher at the front, so little boys don’t have any extra accidents!) It costs around £9.99 and to be honest, I’m amazed it hasn’t been out for longer, they can create all these amazing technical things, but it took some parents to think of something so simple! Anything that makes potty training easier has got to deserve a medal in my opinion!

So, we’re going to carry on as we are, and hopefully by the second week of the summer holidays we’ll be dry throughout the day (night time is a whole other matter, we’ll cross that one when we come to it!) And in the meantime, if anyone has any tips, great ideas for rewards, or even somewhere to buy nice boxers for little boys, please please hit me with some comments!



  1. Jon Rathbone
    September 5, 2011 / 9:57 am

    Hi Katie

    How's the potty training going?

    Jon Rathbone (makers of Pourty)

  2. Katie
    September 10, 2011 / 10:15 am

    Hi Jon!

    We are fully dry, day and night! Pourty was fab, we loved it!!

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