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You Do You Hun // The Style Rut

You Do You Hun The Style Rut

This weekend the bloke and I had 24(ish) hours to ourselves. Both kids were at sleepovers so we had a whole Saturday afternoon to do whatever the hell we wanted. 

The plan was to head into town, get a clipper boat from Greenwich to Embankment and just wander round the streets//shops, ending in dinner at Flat Iron where we could eat dinner and have an adult conversation. We’re fancy. 

Of course, it was absolutely tipping it down. It would be! The first child free evening since December 2017 and it’s raining. 

Never mind! A bit of rain never hurt anyone. (How often we’ve said that this year, every single day on holiday to start with!) but, of course, the planned outfit had to go out the window (me), which then led to a bit of a meltdown (again, me) because obviously, I had NOTHING TO WEAR. 

In hindsight, that magical, magical thing, of course I had things to wear. But I’d built this date up in my head – that kind of happens when you never get a single day together without one of your offspring for almost a year – and I wanted to wear my new skirt. F&F leopard print, naturally. 

I was going to pair it with a black top, denim jacket and trainers. Standard outfit, nothing exciting. But different for me, because I live in skinny jeans, every damn day of my life. 

The rain (and freezing temperature!) put paid to the trainers, so I tried tights and boots. Then I noticed the wind and kind of convinced myself I’d end up doing a (less glamorous) Marilyn Monroe routine. 

At this point I still had wet hair, no make up, two nine year playing fortnite & a husband trying to tell me I looked good. 

What followed was a good five, maybe six outfit changes, all being lobbed onto the bed in increasing levels of anger. We’ve all been there right? 

We finally got out of the door and onto the train, where I calmed my tits and realised, jeans is who I am. 

I know, deep right? 

But, go with me here. How often do we try to do something different, because it’s a special occasion, because we’ve seen everyone else a few other people do it, because we always wear/do the same thing and surely we should switch it up a bit? 

Why do we do that? 

If you’re bored of the thing you’re doing and you’re desperate for a change, knock yourself out by all means. But if it works for you, and you’re happy in whatever that situation (or outfit!) is, then for the love of God, just do you. 

For me, skinny jeans, a well cut, v-neck top, trainers or boots is my A/W uniform. I feel comfortable, stylish and most importantly, I feel like me. 

This is who I am, and I’m OK with that! I don’t want to spend the evening with my husband worrying about what I’m wearing or feeling self-conscious and tetchy. I don’t want to spend any time like that at all if I’m honest! 

So, from now on. I’m going to be the woman in jeans and a nice top. That’ll be me, and I’m good with that. I might throw on a blazer or a jumper, ya know, when I’m feeling fancy, and I’ll always be a lover of good shoes.

But I’m just not the kind of person who copes well with a million different styles in their wardrobe. I might finally have stumbled upon my capsule wardrobe. And it only took me 37 years, copious meltdowns and a rainy date night to get there. 

You do you hun. OK? 


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